Friday, August 03, 2007

National Security

I was taking a flight to Atlanta last weekend when while in the airport I heard over the loud speaker, "Due to the heightened security mode, anyone caught joking or making fun of the security personnel or practices will be arrested."

In and of itself, it was a little scary - kinda Kofka...

Then this came to mind....

So while the gray haired lady with the poodle is cavity searched, and the guy with the bomb under his turban hops onto your plane freely due to fear of racial profiling... you will be arrested for laughing at it all.

Potential & Possibility

At the age of 33 it has finally dawned on me that all things created in our little world are simply created by other people. Not magicians, not gods, not super heroes - just people.

The phrase, "He's just a man. Flesh and blood" that we're familiar with in the Rocky films pretty much sums it all up.

What's my point?

They don't teach you in school (at least public school) that you can do anything.. they say it, but they don't provide any meaningful depth to engage you with the notion.

In my high school year book entry my goal was "To make the Impossible Possible", and I'm proud to say I've done that. However a better phrase might have been, "To make the Possible Possible.", as anything is possible, you simply have to realize your own potential, and do it.